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"Windsor Live"

Jim Kenyon: Windsor Selectboard puts pledge on the edge

Windsor Selectboard nixes Pledge of Allegiance

Selectboard Votes to stop Pledge of Allegiance


"Vermonters Create Creepy Podcasts" by Dan Bolles, Seven Days

"Oh, won’t you take me to – Wotown!" by Taylor K. Long, Junction Magazine

"Farmers Exchange to host music festival" by Patrick Adrian, Eagle Times

"The Windsor Farmers Exchange: It's a thing" by Patrick Adrian, Eagle Times

"Album Review: The Jobz 'DIE'" by Justin Boland, Seven Days


"The Pilgrims Set Off on a New Musical Journey" by Emmajean Holley, Valley News Warning: Paywall!

"The Jobz Have Recorded the Year’s Craziest Concept Album" by Ray Padgett, County Tracks


"New Album Darkens The Pilgrims’ Sunny Garage Rock" by David Corriveau, Valley News Warning: Paywall!

"The Pilgrims: No Focus" by Chris Farnsworth, Seven Days